Launches srch in™ to Revolutionize How Students Find Information

    Patented Natural Language Understanding Technologies Provide Fast And Accurate Results 


    New Hope, Pennsylvania, October 7, 2021 / Associated Press /  -- introduces srch in™, an easy-to-implement and easy-to-use search tool, in conjunction with InstructureCon Online 2021. srch in is designed to help students and school administrators simplify the search experience within learning and content management systems.  

    srch in builds a custom index for fast and intelligent searching across courses, subaccounts, and accounts. Powered by patented Natural Language Understanding technologies, srch in comprehends the users’ queries and returns contextually targeted results down to the slide and page level, enhancing learning and engagement.   

    With srch in, students and faculty no longer need to look through pages upon pages of content to find exactly what they need. srch in allows its users to engage more effectively with their resources, bolstering time savings and student learning outcomes through just-in-time learning and instruction.  

    srch in is an LTI 1.3 application.  

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    Canvas Use Case 

    A state university had a vast collection of content within Canvas LMS for students to use in their studies and research. However, students were wasting hours searching for useful materials because they were not easily discoverable. Faculty also had difficulty understanding topic coverage across courses for a well-rounded teaching experience. The university quickly deployed srch in Canvas and saw a swift change in students’ and faculty’s broad use of the curated content as a result of increased discoverability. Faculty was able to quickly and easily search across courses for content in support of their curriculum, and students more quickly targeted resources that promoted positive learning outcomes.  

    To learn more about srch in, visit

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