3 Tips To Prepare For Medical School Accreditation Review Faster


    Whether your medical school has an accreditation review coming up soon or years from now, you need a way to make sure you're compliant. Being put on probation is a burden. Students worry that they won't graduate from an accredited school. And administrators worry that enrollment will sharply decline.

    It can be difficult to identify gaps in requirements, especially if you've recently made sweeping changes to your curriculum. However, there are tools that can help. Teaching to curriculum requirements not only ensures your school maintains its accreditation but improves residency placement for your students as they learn all the material they need.

    Preparing for medical school accreditation review doesn't have to be a long and arduous process. Learn how to accelerate your preparation with these three tips.

    1. Plan Your Curriculum To Meet Requirements Every Year

    As long as your school practices careful curriculum design, you can make sure you're always teaching to requirements, even in years when you're not preparing for accreditation review. It's better to be safe than to scramble at the last minute.

    To be compliant at all times, you need a simpler way to track how material is being taught as well as when and where.

    Tracking all this data in spreadsheets is painful. Spreadsheets are time-consuming and prone to human error.

    Instead, look for an advanced tool that dynamically analyzes your data and helps you find the curriculum information you need at the touch of a button. That way, you can do spot checks of your curriculum without extra hassle.

    2. Tie Learning Content To Curriculum To Identify Gaps

    With the right intelligent content and data platform, you can tie learning content to curriculum in order to prove compliance. Platforms with capabilities in AI, Natural Language Understanding, and Machine Learning are able to understand and recommend your data.

    While you're preparing for accreditation, you're able to easily identify where curriculum gaps exist by searching your content. Then, you can remedy them before you're penalized.

    During accreditation review, you can simply search for a topic and identify when and where it was taught. Your organization and efficiency will impress representatives from the accrediting body.

    3. Upgrade Your Technology

    If you haven't updated the technology you use to prepare for accreditation reviews, you may need to start the paperwork process two years in advance.

    The right intelligent platform can cut down your preparation time to five months. Look for a cognitive computing platform that consumes, unifies, and indexes data of all media types to make your process more efficient.

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